What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 25, 2009

This Is What I Mean - WTF

Things to note:
  • 0:17 Baton strike to the groin.
  • 0:28 The Hug - did he think the armed and armored police wouldn't pounce?
  • 1:08 Stupid use of a dumpster - tell me how that's not going to piss off the guys with the night sticks.
  • 1:53 The police in military fatigues.
  • 2:39 The police corner some Pitt students in a stairwell AND THEN TEAR GAS THEM.
  • 5:29 The stupids attacking a Quiznos.
  • 6:43 The P-G's Dennis Roddy gets gassed.
  • 7:02 Number on the canister: 6240a OC.
  • 8:42 The young woman (can't be more than 100 pounds) being smacked down by the police in full riot gear - tell me what sort of threat did she pose?


Bram Reichbaum said...

I saw Dennis walking alongside the People's March today -- he was keeping pace and looking hearty.

That was a scary moment in that video though, those guys deserve hazard pay. At least they gave Sheldon Ingram a bullet-proof vest.

Matt H said...

Some disturbing images there.

Especially the young girl getting hit and the students being trapped and gassed.

cberry88 said...

Couldn't view the video on my iPhone, anyone got the link for it on the YouTube site?

Dayvoe said...


cberry88 said...

Thanks a lot

Matt H said...

A PG print reporter was arrested last night in Oakland.

Gloria said...

P-G reporter Sadie Gurman arrested, http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09269/1001054-100.stm

New 'rules' re:journalists @ G20: http://www.nppa.org/news_and_events/news/2009/09/g20.html
"...photojournalists are just as eligible for arrest as anyone else on the streets..."

Joshua said...

More videos posted at PittBriefly.com. I ultimately wonder whether this will be FLukey's Waterloo.