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October 16, 2009

A Free Speech Message To Luke Ravenstahl

(H/T to Pittgirl and Marty Levine)

Marty Levine sets the stage:
The city is facing the possibility of civil suits stemming from arrests and other police activity during the G-20. Criminal hearings involving accused protesters -- many of whom are students at Oakland universities -- are still pending.
And what does Mayor Luke do at "Off The Record"? Levine, again:

And according to several witnesses who contacted us after the fact, Ravenstahl used his moment on stage to send a message to ACLU state legal director Vic Walczak, who has sharply criticized the city's handling of G-20 protesters. According to multiple sources, Ravenstahl said something like this: "I heard we're going to face a free-speech lawsuit. Well, I have some free speech for you -- fuck you, Vic Walczak."

Pittgirl reacts:
My view is this, Lukey went too far. Actually, he didn’t just go too far, he saw the line, laughed at the line, erased the line, then got in his spaceship and zoomed to the planet Visuviusium six galaxies away and then kept the hell on going like a fleet of starfighters was on his ass. THAT’S how far he went.
The Mayor is SUCH A CLASSY GUY! How many weeks have passed since the tear gas? Since the rubber bullets and bean bags? And THIS is how the mayor jokes?

Hey, I got some free speech for you, Mr Mayor.

Are you there, Mr Mayor? Maybe Yarone can read it to you.

Fuck you, Luke.

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Bram Reichbaum said...

1. Wow, Dave. I'm definitely tuning in to the OffQ late show tonight!

2. At the debate this afternoon, all Luke said on the subject of Oakland was that they all "did a good job keeping Pittsburghers safe". Like, without even a hint of a nod to the rubber bullets and gas canisters fired at hundreds being the opposite of "safety", and without even lip service to the idea of balancing safety with civil liberties.

This is why I'm positive Luke was in no way "poking fun at himself" at at Off The Record. He was using it as an excuse to vent his genuine views about the ACLU and his power as police master.