What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 18, 2009

Not With a Bang, But A Wimper...

The P-G endorses Mayor Luke (or maybe just Yarone and the gang).

After describing Luke's two opponents, the P-G praises by the process of elimination:

Both Dok Harris and Kevin Acklin are informed, committed Pittsburghers. While they could have an impact as City Council members, it's hard to argue that either has a shot at winning the mayor's office and the ability to take charge of the city's $453 million budget and 3,500 employees.

That leaves the incumbent, with whom we have had our differences. After three years as mayor, he has yet to articulate a vision for the future. He does not have a reputation for working with the state legislative delegation. And he needs to put some distance between himself and the party machine, to generate independent thinking for Pittsburgh's growth and progress.

Even when they get around to praising Luke, it's obvious they're not exactly cheering for him:
Even so, Mr. Ravenstahl, 29, has shown growth in the job. Despite a bumpy start including a few ethical lapses after taking office upon the death of Bob O'Connor, the Summer Hill resident has proved that a smart staff can focus an administration on key priorities.
Ethical lapses like lying about being handcuffed at Heinz field, the Homeland Security SUV and stalking Tiger Woods - but I digress.

In any event, I guess Yarone should be happy with that last line. It's not Luke who's doing such an admirable job, so says the P-G, it's his staff. They continue the backhanded compliments to Luke and the real compliments to Yarone:

In this weak field of candidates, Luke Ravenstahl is the obvious choice on Nov. 3. Like any other officeholder, though, he should not view the job as an entitlement because other elections will bring more substantial opposition.

While his service as mayor remains a work in progress and his growth in office must continue, Mr. Ravenstahl has been well served by various aides in his administration, including a capable chief of staff. It is incumbent on the mayor to assemble more top talent on the city's behalf, for this is a pivotal time and nothing less than the future is at stake.

An endorsement is an endorsement, but I'm not sure Luke should be pleased with this one - that is, if he understands it at all.


Bram Reichbaum said...

I'm sure the P-G edit board is impressed by the fact that the Mayor hasn't been caught with his hands in the cookie jar and chocolate all over his face lately, but the fact is they really don't have a sophisticated interest in city governing policy.

They know for certain that they like city-county consolidation, and they don't really care how it happens or whether there's a plan that's serious and realistic. I'm sure they're happy the Mayor isn't railing against Act 47 oversight and trying actively to escape it, so they figure the state can keep us from overspending -- which again is like minimum baseline acceptable.

The way the editorial reads, I wonder if Zober accompanied Ravenstahl to the P-G offices and did most of the talking.

JenEngland said...

This is FANTASTIC news! Every candidate I've ever worked for that was endorsed by the PG has lost. Resoundingly. :)

I especially love the part where they say, the mayor is going to win anyway, so....

Maria said...

@Bram: "I'm sure the P-G edit board is impressed by the fact that the Mayor hasn't been caught with his hands in the cookie jar and chocolate all over his face lately"

My thoughts exactly.

@Jen: LOL sob

Vannevar said...

In truth, that's how you'd write it if you wanted to get the chief of staff fired, isn't it?