What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 3, 2009

Another Hot Race in PA: Llanview Mayoral Election

Vicki Davidson

Dr. Dorian Cramer Lord

This race pits two progressive women against each other. Both have complicated histories with Davidson having suffered with multiple personalities and being the owner of one of the town's two newspapers and Lord having been the campaign manager for the previous mayor who's now in jail awaiting trial for running a drug ring in Llanview.

Same-sex marriage is a big issue in this race. While both candidates are in favor of it, Lord married her campaign manager in a mass symbolic same-sex marriage celebration this week and she promises to issue actual marriage licenses to the participants if she is elected. Long time watchers of Lord believe that she is heterosexual and her marriage is a campaign stunt.

Lord weds partner and campaign manager Amelia Bennett

The election is heating up the Internet.

ABC is reporting a close race with heavy turnout.

This one reads like a soap opera, folks. But at least neither candidate got their mommy to write a guest endorsement of them in the Llanview Tribune-Gazette (unlike a certain mayoral race in Pittsburgh PA).

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