What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 10, 2009

Bye-Bye, Google AdSense

We've removed the Google Ads from this blog because despite jumping through every hoop, we haven't received any payment (and yes, we reached the payment threshold many months ago and yes, there are no holds on the account).

Moreover, when trying to contact Google AdSense about payment we've discovered that there's no way to contact them -- no email address, no phone number, no request form, etc. There are Help Forums, but no actual Google AdSense person participates in those forums. Perhaps they sent a check and it got lost in the mail, but again,there's simply no way to contact them about it.

Also, Google AdSense gives you no way to delete their ads other than going into Blogger settings and deleting the code yourself. They claim that they do this so that you don't accidentally delete ads and only give you the option to "hide" the code.

I'm sure there are numerous people who actually get paid by Google AdSense. I am equally sure that there are numerous people who do not get their payments because I see their messages ignored in the Help Forums.

So, bye-bye, Google AdSense. You owe us money and we're tired of running your ads for free.


Joshua Vincent said...

Same here; we got rid of it. Good riddance.

Matt H said...

I got rid of it a while back as well, I had a lot of clicks and then one day they said there was some sort of violation and I said screw it.

Maria said...

They never said we did anything wrong -- they just never sent the check after we reached $100.00.

I guess they just assume that they can screw over the small players.