What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 29, 2009


Sociological Images notes the problem with describing objects -- such as this dress in an Associated Press article -- as being "flesh-colored":

See the problem now?

Pssst, white skin is not the default. (Although as many comments at SI note, the First Lady's dress is more gold/champagne than the light pinky-peach normally referred to as "flesh-colored"/"nude" so the AP even gets that wrong.)


Ellipses said...

I always thought that "flesh colored" should refer to a color that is deep crimson in hue... such as actual flesh.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Maybe you should sent a note to Websters to have a new addition under Racist (n) - (a) flesh-colored cloth reference.

Just sayin'.

Do you people get up every day and think "How can I be offended today?". Or, are you just 'effing miserable in general?

Maria said...


Crayola Crayons was able to figure out as far back as 1962 that there was a problem calling pinky-peach crayons "flesh" and changed the name. You'd think that after 40+ years the AP could figure that out too. You, however, I don't hold much hope for...

Sherry said...

and the real kicker is-it's gold colored and-very beautiful!