What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 8, 2009

Who's going to run against Jason Altmire? (In the primary I mean)

Someone, please!

Not only did he vote yes on the Stupak Amendment, he voted no on the Health Care Reform bill.

Why exactly did anyone bother to vote out Hart?


Mike said...

His vote on the Stupak amendment doesn't surprise me. He has been very up front about being pro-life.

I, like all of his supporters, am very disappointed with his vote on the Health Care Reform Bill.

He still has one more chance to vote for the final bill before it goes to the President. So far his negative votes have not hurt, but we will not forget these votes next year.

Maria said...

"He has been very up front about being pro-life."

Except of course when he would whisper to pro choice women when he first ran that he wished he could vote pro choice but it wasn't his fault because his district wouldn't go for a pro choice Rep.

So, he's actually always been upfront about his purely opportunistic douchebaggery streak that runs a mile wide.

Bram Reichbaum said...

If I understand it right, this is worse than just "the public option won't pay for abortion." This is, "the health care exchange won't involve itself with any private plans that include abortion", thereby discouraging that coverage in free market. I'm hearing a lot of other nasty rumors about what it means exactly, but with only 12 hours having passed since the bill passed we'd better do some checking.

Maria said...


I wrote about the Stupak Amendment here.

What you wrote is correct. No insurance policy in the public exxhange can cover abortion EVEN WHEN THE WOMAN PAYS FOR THE POLICY ENTIRELY WITH HER OWN PERSONAL FUNDS. And, the bill mandates that you must buy insurance.

cpsperanza said...

Vote on which Blue Dogs to target with Daily Kos advertising campaign. Altmire is on the hit list. http://twurl.nl/tqdt68