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December 21, 2009

Pittsburgher Releases Book On Media And Obama

..Need a last minute gift (or just a good read for yourself)?

Steve Karas, professor and Forest Hills Borough Councilman, has written a complete account of the media's coverage of the 2008 campaign of President Barack Obama. The book is chock full of references (over 1,200).

I asked the author what prompted him to write this book and he answered as follows:

I had been disappointed in the media and their gossip type coverage of politics. They seem to cover political strategy and sensational stories rather than what directly affects us. Reading about the political process should be about an objective exchange of ideas with supporting proof, its deteriorating to resemble E TV.
I decided to write it after Obama announced his candidacy. I knew that it was a DEMS year and the primary between Clinton and Obama was covered more than any other. It was covered even after Obama was the clear winner. It was a ratings sensation for the media. Since Obama was always ahead in the general the media covered his negatives more and tried to make it closer than it ever was. It probably would have been the same way if the other party had a solid lead.
You can still get it in time for Christmas at Amazon (click here).

A preview is available here.

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Maria said...

Yes, I know Steve. I met him back during the 2004 election.