What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 15, 2009

You're soaking in it!

Oh hell! Let's just wallow in all the recent bad news from this gloomy day:
  • Rahm To Reid: Give Lieberman What He Wants (Talking Points Memo)

  • "The fundamental failing of the newest Senate proposal is that it requires individuals to purchase health insurance, but does nothing to rein in what insurance companies charge. There is nothing to stop spiraling health costs from eating up an ever-increasing percentage of our national productivity." (OpenLeft)

  • Rep. Capuano Tells Fellow Dems: 'You're Screwed' (HuffPo)

  • Calls to lower the minimum wage (WAPO) and reduce unemployment benefits (ThinkProgress)

  • Krugman: "[I]f politicians refuse to learn from the history of the recent financial crisis, they will condemn all of us to repeat it" (NYT)

  • Death penalty to remain in Ugandan anti-gay bill (DallasVoice)

  • A blogger finds success after pulling a Bronte and publishing under a male pseudonym (Salon)

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