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January 19, 2010

BRESMA Haitian Orphans Land In Pittsburgh

On the bus to the plane

The kids on the plane to Pittsburgh

Coming off the plane

PA Gov. Ed Rendell

Rep. Jason Altmire (PA-D)

UPMC Sr. Consultant for Government Leslie McCombs

Ali McMutrie

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
The chartered plane carrying the 53 orphans from earthquake-ravaged Haiti has arrived at Pittsburgh International Airport and the children are en route to Children's Hospital.

The plane arrived from Orlando, Fla., at about 9:30.

The rescue mission came in response to messages last week from sisters Jamie and Ali McMutrie of Ben Avon, who said this month's devastating earthquake endangered the health of 130 children in their care at the BRESMA orphanage in Port-Au-Prince.

While Ali McMutrie arrived in Pittsburgh today, one child -- Emma --couldn't be found during the rush to leave. She has since been found and she and Jamie McMutrie -- who refused to leave without her -- and the rest of the McMutrie family are coming back to Pittsburgh on a later plane.

Ali McMutrie verified that the other 90 children from the orphanage were being taken in similar rescue missions conducted by the Dutch and French governments.

The rescue mission also brought 2.5 tons of medical supplies, two doctors and a nurse with them to stay in Haiti.

Again as wonderful as this is, it bears keeping in mind that there's millions of Haitians who still need help.

NOTE: Updated and revised at 12:35 PM, 1-19-10

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Conservative Mountaineer said...

Per Wolf Blizted on CNN Situation Room (or whatever he calls his show) this afternoon...

Governor Rendell saw this story on Situation Room on Saturday, was concerned, called the Haiti ambassador and made this happen.