What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 15, 2010

CNN Video of BRESMA Orphanage & ACTION ITEMS (Updated 3x)

UPDATE 3: Most recent news and CNN's update here (1/18/10, 6:30 AM ET).

UPDATE 2: They are sick and out of water. See here, here and here. please keep pressuring anyone you can.

Brebis de Saint Michel de L'Attalaye (BRESMA) orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti run by Pittsburgh (Ben Avon) sisters Jamie and Ali McMutrie covered by CNN:

For updates on how you can help go to That's Church and Let's Help Them Get Out of Haiti

You can donate to the orphanage at: http://www.centeroflife.net/haiti


There is a need for:
•diapers (infant, baby, toddler)
•powdered baby formula
•crackers/snacks (appropriate for small children)
•warm coats/winter clothes/shoes (baby, toddler, children)
•bottled water.
There is no need for:
•baby food
•or summer clothes at this time.
If you would like to drop off items you can do so (after 11 a.m.) at 1212 West North Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233. Please proceed through the gate. Leave your donations in the right front apartment (1212) on the first floor. The doors will be unlocked. There will be a sign that says “BRESMA Donations”. [map]

More ACTION ITEMS @ That's Church

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miche11e said...

They are OUT OF WATER! orphanage run by 2 americans -- #HAITI #BRESMA orphans are OUT OF WATER. PLZ HELP SPREAD WORD http://thatschurch.com/