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January 21, 2010

Joe Sestak Responds to Mass. Senate Election

Pennsylvania Democratic primary Senatorial contender Rep. Joe Sestak, responding to the election of Scott Brown (R-Naked) in Massachusetts on Tuesday, thankfully does not interpret it as a craven call to roll over and play dead for more "bipartisanship" and positions himself as a change candidate and the real Democrat in the race.

Here's his statement:
"One year after President Obama's historic election, we have lost the seat of Senator Ted Kennedy and have seriously jeopardized his life's work of seeing that all Americans have access to health care. Back-room political dealing in the Senate delayed this bill, weakened this bill, and tarnished it in the eyes of the American people. The message to Democrats is clear. People have had enough of establishment politics on both sides, such as Senator Specter's party switch after 30 years as a Republican in order to save his job. The people are looking for a new generation of accountable leadership. We must do what we were elected to do: get rid of the old politics of Washington and the Senate and get to work for America's working families."

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Joy said...

I believe DFA is the only group to do a full poll following the MA primary. They found that Stay-at-Home Voters and Obama-Voting Independents would have handed the victory to the (clothed) Dem candidate if a public option was in the Senate bill. Yes, a full 80% of them support the public option (no word on how many support single payer).

It's not just that they stayed home. Some did, but some voted for Brown. Yes: a goodly number of Brown voters SUPPORT A PUBLIC OPTION. Having seen forced mandates up close and personal, they see the Senate bill as being an equally bad mandate, plus higher costs and fewer protections. This jives with what I was hearing while calling voters, BTW.

Too bad they had to screw themselves and us over in so many ways, on so many issues, to make that (frankly very important) point.