What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 12, 2010

ABC News Notes Ravenstahl's Snow FAIL

From ABC News in an article about mayors and snow removal:
Another East Coast city mayor who is being bombarded with criticism is Pittsburgh's Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who was out of town celebrating his 30th birthday at a mountain resort when a record snow storm hit the city over the weekend. He took even more heat when the street in front of his and his brother's house was salted and cleared while the rest of the city remained buried underneath snow.

On being out of town, Ravenstahl said, "No one could have anticipated this."

He said his street needed to be cleaned because he has to be out and about.
OK, so Pittsburgh is not exactly "East Coast" but someone at ABC News was nice enough to send me an email noting that they had read this post on Lil Mayor Luke's history with snow removal and that they enjoyed following our perspective on politics.

So, I guess that makes the whole blizzard thingy worth it. ;-)