What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 23, 2010

From The Wingnut Fringe

Don't look now, but I think World Net Daily just turned on Glenn Beck.

Take a look:
While polls show more people drifting away from acceptance of "global warming," the newest superstar among conservatives – Glenn Beck – is embracing it.

"You'd be an idiot not to notice the temperature change," he says. He also thinks it could be caused by man's activity.

At home, he's going green by using energy-saving products.

"I'm willing to do anything but use the CFLs," he says of compact fluorescent light bulbs. "I put them in once and couldn't stand the way they lit up the room."

The kinder, gentler, greener and warmer side of Beck, known as a firebrand conservative, came to light in an interview in USA Weekend.
Here's the interview.

He does the unthinkable. He disses Ronald Reagan:
Beck also reveals he's no fan of Ronald Reagan whom he blames for driving up the deficits.

"Republicans sold the American people out," Beck says. "I've always said I was a Reagan-style conservative. But I don't think Reagan was a real Republican. He just maintained some shared values."
And I'm curious about this part:
Beck also explains how he chose Mormonism as his religion.

He was raised Catholic and wasn't practicing any faith when he met his current wife, Tania, says the report. When she insisted that a church needed to be a part of their family's life, they began church shopping.

"We tried 'em all," Beck says. "Unitarian, Episcopalian, Baptist, even a synagogue. We ended up with the Church of Latter-day Saints because I took my daughters from my first marriage there, and they said, 'Dad, this place makes us feel warm and welcome inside. Can we come back?'"
Why is it brought up at all? Could this be the reason? The video is of a "street clash" and is framed by Kirk Cameron - pointing out the difference between "Mormonism and biblical Christianity." The tag at the end of the video says it's "Presented by World Net Daily."

So what do we have here? A mildly critical piece on Glenn Beck reminding WND's readers that Beck:
  • Believes in global warming
  • Is no fan of Ronald Reagan
  • Is a Mormon (and therefore not a "biblical Christian")
This looks to be beginning of an ongoing argument.

Turns out Glenn Beck is not a birther and that didn't sit well over there at WND.

This is gonna be fun.


EdHeath said...

It's interesting that Beck has taken the stands that global warming is real, and might be caused by man, and that the birthers are wrong. I suspect that a slim majority of American voters agree with those positions, although for global warming it is not clear what policies Beck might support. Someone should show him some more CFL's, though, they now come in different light tones (like daylight or warm white, etc).

The Reagan thing is a bit more mystifying. I mean, I agree with what he says there, but it is startling that he is saying it.

Over on Twitter I have been following someone who calls himself "StopBeck". StopBeck has been fairly crowing about how Beck is losing sponsors (particularly in England, where I suspect StopBeck lives). He actually tweeted this about a while ago (around 11:30 am Tuesday)
"How deceitful is Glenn Beck? Well, supposedly he now "believes in global warming." http://bit.ly/cJ1qX1"

If Beck is hemorrhaging sponsors (a distasteful image), perhaps this USA Weekend interview is an attempt to surprise people, attract more viewers to see what he says next, and thus attract more sponsors. Maybe.

It does add an up is down, right is left sort of bizzaro-world tint to things. Like the harsh way a CFL lights up a room.

(pay attention sponsors, maybe you can get Glenn Beck to endorse your CFL, just like Little Jimmy Roach said "I like Country, I really do" about twenty years ago, after 'DVE let Jimmy and Steve go).

macyapper said...

Just because he's trying to look like someone who's not as nutty as the nutsters doesn't mean he's not a stone cold lying self serving crazy ass nutbag from hell.
Or he just acts like one.
Not sure which one is more frightening.