What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 13, 2010

I want my M(cIntire)TV!

Check out "THE JOHN MCINTIRE SHOW" on Comcast On-Demand:

Go to On Demand.
Click Your Town Get Local.
Click Entertainment.
Click McIntire Show.

Any time, day or night!


Dayvoe said...

I removed the previous comment because it was SPAM.

Maria said...

You haven't lived until you hear Cyril Wecht making douchebag jokes...Eeeew!

chippy44 said...

McIntire was critical of the Mayor, and then disappeared from the airwaves, hmmmm. Or did the station just try to "go in a different direction" as they always say in radiospeak. I liked him and Gab, Gabby (?) how soon they forget, and also miss Dennis Miller who was on before, or was it after, McIntire, how soon they forget.

Maria said...

Be sure to watch his show on Comacst then -- it's free -- and it's just like his old TV/radio show.

Has Gab too!