What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 24, 2010

"Scooping: Sexual Assault or Schoolboy Prank?"

It's sexual assault. And, KTLA reporters: Stop repeatedly calling it scooping. That would help.

This bit kills me too:
School administrators would not issue a statement due to confidentiality rules, but they told KTLA that the school takes situations like this very seriously. They also said they didn't realize a parent was upset.
You know, it doesn't really count if only the girls are upset...

Here's an idea: REPORT IT TO THE POLICE so it doesn't go even further.


EdHeath said...

So to be clear, "scooping" is sexual assault, specifically groping.

Juvenile records are sealed, but I would like to see the boys in this crime dealt with in a manner that will teach them the consequences of their actions. Perhaps put a hood on their heads, take them to a battered woman's shelter and let them see where "just having fun" ends up. Make that their community service, to clean up and help out at the woman's shelter.

(The hood would be to protect the secrecy of the location of the woman's shelter. Although if it scared the (ahem, pardon my French) merde out of the boys, so much the better.)

The Expatriate said...

Where I come from, this would simply be resolved by the father of the girl in question getting a hold of boy and using him for a punching bag. Brutal, perhaps, but effective.

Jonathan Potts said...

Wow. What a fantastic piece of journalism. As a former adolescent boy, let me say that not every sixth-grade boy is going to appreicate the gravity of what they are doing. Which is why school officials need to address such behavior firmly and in a way that educates the perpetrators about the way to treat their fellow human beings.