What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 10, 2010

Barbara Hafer Drops Out

Via PoliticsPA:

“Today I am announcing I am withdrawing my petitions and will not be seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for the U.S. House in Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district. We had a spirited campaign for who would make the best nominee in the special election, but in the spirit of Jack Murtha I believe now is not the time to continue this race. I look forward to finding other ways to continue to serve the public and change this state and this country for the better.”



rich10e said...

how pathetic..."in the spirit of john murtha"

EdHeath said...

I sort of agree, in the context of the message, "in the spirit of John Murtha" seems odd. As far as I know, Murtha never dropped out of an election, or really ever backed away from a fight.

But I hope you are not calling either Murtha or Hafer pathetic. I personally was embarrassed that Murtha was called "King of Pork", although I can (kind of) understand that sort of over zealous behavior in putting service to his district over the better interests of the country. That said, Murtha was fighting for his country when George W Bush and Dick Cheney were at home.

Hafer has been an important pioneer in politics in this area, in breaking down some barriers that women interested in elective office faced. Her service to Western Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania in general, while different from Murtha's, was also very important.

rich10e said...

Ed why are you talking about George Bush and Dick Cheney???Stay topical!I felt that Hafer withdrawing from the race and then evoking "the spirit of corruption" was pathetic. I thought that maybe Hafer was in the race to restore dignity (which she would do)to a seat that has been besmirched with corruption.The Murtha aide, or clone, is certainly going to evoke the true spirit of defense contractor abuse that John so warmly embraced.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

".. in the spirit of John Murtha."

Let's translate..

"Since the approved candidate was on Murtha's staff, he alredy has the contacts and will be able to continue doling pork to the inhabitants of the District. I, unfortunately, cannot promise that."

Clyde Wynant said...

How 'bout this translation...

"I figure I can't win, so I'm taking a hike."

Forget the pork, it's no more or less than that.