What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 15, 2010

Dollars to Donuts: This is Asinine

Are you fucking kidding me?



Clyde Wynant said...

Dough NUTS.

Perhaps this is how the SCOTUS makes its decisions? It would explain A LOT!

Conservative Mountaineer said...

No different than taking a job candidate to lunch and seeing whether or not said candidate puts salt on his/her food before tasting his/her food. Sale 1st? Fail. Next!

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Oops.. s/b "Salt 1st? Fail. Next!"

My tpyist has already gone home.

Maria said...

Wow! I never knew what food fetishists right-wingers were until now. Donuts = Hire; Salt = Fail ??

I've hired a few people in my time and never once had to resort to playing food mindgames.

I always found that consideration of qualifications and conducting conversations where I actually listened to what job candidates had to say was good enough. No need to divine signs from their choice of foodstuff (or depend on arbitrary and lazy decision-making processes).

Tell me, do you guys read tealeaves too...or just tea bags?