What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 19, 2010

Great web site, Mary Beth!

Someone sent me a screen capture last night from Republican Mary Beth Buchanan's own campaign web site (You guys know just what to get me for my birthday!):

Yes, I know the poll is unscientific and I know that the numbers have changed today, but how funny is it that the web site for a Republican running for Congress showed at the time that 50% of the people wanted to have "socialized medicine"?

I hope you're listening, Jason Altmire!

And, by all means, 2pj readers should feel free to freep this poll (though be aware that the questions seem to rotate).


EdHeath said...

Perhaps we should say the questions pirouette (heh).

I do not support a constitutional ban on gay marriage, and do support raising taxes ("drastically" or whatever it said) to fix social security (not that I am convinced SS will need that kind of help). I dih-ent get a question on Obamacare, but then again, I shouldn't be voting since I'm not in the district (oops).

spork_incident said...

Going through the polls I didn't get the Altmire question but I did get this:

If you had to choose one, which solution would you support to fix the impending Social Security crisis?
Severely raise taxes
Severely cut benefits
Privatize or overhaul the system entirely

I love the use of the word "severely".

A Spork in the Drawer

Blue Number 2 said...

You think she could afford a proof-reader or two?