What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 22, 2010


Ok, so I woke up this morning with a teensy tiny headache (no big deal, I'm human I get headaches). So I went into the bathroom to get some aspirin and what do you think I found?

An IRS agent barring the door, informing me that my request for an aspirin was being denied.

He added that since to the guv'ment take over of "our" health care system last night, my life was no longer my own, my healthcare decisions were no longer my own and since I had the temerity to think I could make my own diagnosis without waiting to hear back from a guv'ment sanctioned health care professional (he said the wait was only 4-6 weeks for something as simple as a headache), I was required to attend a guv'ment reeducation camp in Montana for a week. At my own expense, of course.

When I inquired how the IRS agent got into my house, I was told "But I'm from the guv'ment and I'm here to help."

Peeking outside, I saw a fleet of silent unmarked helicopters in the air. On patrol for political undesirables, no doubt.


n'at said...

I joined a death panel. the bene's are fantastic. although, next up on my list is the lady one cubicle over from me.

...got dibbs on her chair and blue sharpie...

Sherry said...

i've been issued my orange jumpsuit.

i'm po'd-orange is not my color!