What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 31, 2010

Onorato TV Ads Now On Air

Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato has started to run three TV ads (I saw two during the last hour or so on WTAE News). They began airing yesterday evening. Here they are via PoliticsPA:

PA2010 describes the ad buy as "heavy" and notes:
By starting to run TV ads 48 days before the primary, Onorato is taking advantage of a significant fundraising edge over his Democratic opponents; with well over $6 million in the bank, he has more than the three other candidates in the race put together.

The campaign is expected to stay on the air with TV ads from now until primary day, a dynamic that will almost certainly lead to a significant jump in name recognition for the Allegheny County Executive, who has been holding narrow leads in what most polls have shown to be a wide open race.
I'll just add that I'm sure Lil Mayor Luke is thrilled that Danny Boy takes sole credit for all things good in this area. Also, Onorato apparently single-handedly created our Eds & Meds economy.

I'm hoping that the next round of ads rightfully credit him for suggesting to Andy Warhol that he paint Campbell's soup cans.



Clyde Wynant said...

Pretty much cookie-cutter TV spots. Same old, same old. Lots of pointing and gesturing and scowling....

And yes, amazing that Dan, by himself, totally changed our local economy. Ya thing someone might question that rather tenuous premise?

Me neither...

Gloria said...

Lots of us have friends all across PA, in the sticks & in the bricks. Now's the time to call/email/send a freaking letter to them & let them know why you are not endorsing Dan Onorato. He's got some bucks, but we got some people, all over this land. Make sure your PA friends are registered & that they vote.

Sue said...

You used the photo!

Bram Reichbaum said...

The ads are pretty good. I like the wolfman meets Diamonds are Forever music.

He'd better run a lot of them fast.