What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 3, 2010

Rally in support of Aramark Workers Today @ 5:00PM

Via Pittsburgh UNITED:
Where: Double Tree Hotel, Latrobe Room

When: Wednesday, March 3, 5:00 p.m.

Organized by Pittsburgh United, the community will rally TODAY at 5:00 p.m. in support of the Aramark Workers at Mellon Arena as they fight for their jobs.

Workers at Mellon Arena received a letter on February 12 from Aramark Management telling them that when the Penguins move across the street later this year workers would have to re-apply for their own jobs with no guarantee of getting hired.

“It’s astounding that a company that is benefiting from public investment in a beautiful new arena would use that as an excuse to pull a fast one on workers,” said Barney Oursler of Pittsburgh United. “Some of these workers have worked in the arena for decades. This is just not right.”

Workers were also informed that they would have no union at the new Consol Energy Center, meaning that the union contracts, workers seniority, and wage and benefit standards that were already in place at the Mellon Arena will not be honored and that workers would have to reform a union if they wanted one.

Speakers will include:

· Councilman Bruce Kraus, author of a Will of Council passed yesterday urging Aramark to change their position

· Councilman Doug Shields

· Carl Redwood of the One Hill Coalition

· Workers from other Aramark locations

· Clergy from Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network

Aramark has a history of labor problems throughout its operations in the United States. From discrimination to sexual harassment to failure to follow labor laws Aramark has been plagued with problems.
Yes, there is a dispute among the unions as to who exactly represents some of these workers (see here and the comments here), but what isn't in dispute among the unions or the workers is that Aramark is acting in full douchebag mode.

Don't worry about who represents who, just come and support the folks who Aramark is trying to screw over.


Anita Renner said...

I really think it's funny when you state in this letter "Don't worry about who represents who, just come and support the folks who Aramark is trying to screw over." Well if this true, how come when Mellon Arena Workers show up for the "rallies" they are NOT welcomed and threaten to be "thrown out" of a meeting that is really for them? The organizers claim they are neutral, but you can clearly see they are not neutral! They are the Same people who work with Seiu or are Seiu "Paid Staff!" They even wear Seiu shirts and pins. Seiu is behind this sham! And the shame of all of this is the people who are really there to support the workers don't know that what they are in for! The real supporters think it's the union shirts of the true workers of Mellon Arena not the "Paid staff" of Seiu. Now you wonder why you have a fight on your hands because the people who hold these "Rallies" are not in support of the workers but instead they are in support and funded by Seiu!

Just in time said...

I am one of the "folks" (as you call us) that this is happening too. It really does sucks that Aramark is doing this to us. But, what really sucks is the union fight! I truly do believe if it wasn't for Seiu attacking Unite Here, there would be a contract in place. Seiu has attacked Unite Here every way they can. Now that Unite Here members are mad and starting to fight back publicly, Seiu is calling "FOUL!"

You see they (Seiu) don't want the public to know what really happened. Seiu only wants you to think there was a real (illegal) "vote." When what really happened was they sent out letters stating "meeting" about MAYBE "merging" with Seiu. The "meeting" wasn't a meeting but Seiu standing in front of the building on the side-walk at the employee gate, trying to grab anyone and everyone telling them, not asking them , to "sign this paper, put/check yes or no," on a little plain piece of paper. (I seen them grab a couple of customers of mine and told them to vote. And they did! OMG!) Did anyone know what it was about? NO! When someone asked, they were told either "Bigger is better!" (WTF does that mean?) or "It's to get into the new Arena. Yes, for the Arena or No, you want to stay here! " Then you had to put the little piece of paper into a little brown "CARDBOARD BOX" that was taped up and had a hole in the top. There was NO NLRB or anyone that I knew around to witness this. So I voted "NO!" Almost all Aramark workers walked passed them not knowing what was going. We were all inside waiting on this "meeting" that never happened! Seui grabbed mostly customers and other employees that weren't Aramark.

Seiu knows they are losing and losing big, so now they are (great actors) acting like they are innocent, when they are really ignorant. Seiu thought all along that all the members would just roll over and die. Seiu never thought they would ever have a problem. They didn't expect the members of Unite here Local 57 to come alive. Local 57 members are very much alive! Unite Here members from the Mellon Arena had been working hard to fight Aramark. Laying all the foot work down. It was all done, then one of Seiu's little spy found out what we did, they did their famous "backdoor" deal again and acted like they had done it all along! HOW MANY MORE BACKDOOR DEALS ARE YOU GOING TO DO? You act like you have our best interest at heart and everyone who truly knows Seiu, knows better!
WAKE UP! Stop being fooled people! SEIU isn't for the workers it's for the MONEY, honey!!!

G Ryin said...

bullshit. I call bullshit. just like you did (inappropriately) to me at the rally.

there were dozens of purple shirts there that were MELLON ARENA WORKERS. people from the merch dept, people from the suites, people from the club.

they didn't stand up when you shouted for mellon workers to stand up, not cause they didn't work there, but because they didn't understand the words that were coming out of your mouth.

you are for "unite here". you are not up for compromise...and while i might not agree with what you, i respect that.


You were almost thrown out, not cause you are a unite here supporter, but because you have a big mouth and you like to run it like a marathon.

And I stood there, and stopped hotel management from throwing you out. You told me I was a liar, and then your organizer stood there and vouched for me.

When Unite Here has a rally, and I come and be disruptive, destructive, and completely pig headed about stating my opinion, will you stand up for me?


because you can't be reasoned with. even today, when I came to you to give you information, not to spew any bullshit rhetoric in your face, you were completely dismissive.

you were obnoxious

you were rude

you told me i had nothing to do with the city council "will of council" letter, when 30+ employees just watched video proof on channel 13 of me being there.

you said you spoke with all 9 members of city council, but when I was there on Monday, March 1st, and Councilmen Kraus personally walked me to every office of every councilmen, ALL BUT ONE HAD NO IDEA.

The will of council was passed on tuesday.

So if you were really there, and really talked with ALL NINE MEMBERS, how come 8 of them had no idea that we'd even gotten a letter

You call me a liar, well I'm sick of your lies.

You call "bullshit", well I'm sick of yours.

You wouldn't BELIEVE how many people I've spoken with that said "i didn't have any idea what I was signing" when I ask them about the unite here petition.

In fact, a group of folks from the merch dept already went to Sam Williamson, completely on their own, to ask him what they can do to get good representation.

You lied to people.

You deceived them.

And they are starting to see, what Union is for the workers and what union is for the union.

G Ryin said...


Him and his supporters have been the crux of helping to pass prevailing wage legislation. They are helping to RAISE AND DEFINE THE WAGE STANDARD in the city!!!!

They played a CRUCIAL role in securing the CBA for One Hill.

I'm lying, right Anita?

Ask Carl himself. Go ahead.

Or instead, ask yourself, why you REALLY don't want to be a part of a positive labor movement thats bigger than yourself?

G Ryin said...


if you want to fund a rally... the FUND A RALLY!!!


G Ryin said...
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G Ryin said...

Get the facts. Get the truth. Support the right union