What Fresh Hell Is This?

March 9, 2010

This is not the first time that Bank of America has wrongly repossessed a home

It may bring small comfort to Angela Iannelli of Hampton, PA, but this is hardly the first time that Bank of America has wrongly repossessed a home in the last few months.

It happened to Dr. Alan Schroit in Texas and to Christopher Hamby in Kentucky and to Charlie and Maria Cardoso in Florida.

In each case, Bank of America hired companies which trespassed, committed a home invasion, stole and destroyed property, rendered the homes uninhabitable and have refused proper compensation. Hell, in most of these cases the wronged parties didn't even have a relationship with BofA.

In the case of Angela Iannelli, they also kidnapped her pet, refused to give it back for a week and then made her go pick her pet up.

The Cardosos' lawyer said that he "has been fielding calls from other homeowners throughout the country with similar complaints."

I have a question:
Why aren't there criminal charges being filed?

SIDE NOTE: Bank of America received tens of taxpayer millions in TARP monies and expects to payout record bonuses this year.

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story here.
  • WTAE TV story here.


    n'at said...

    Isn't the "Move Your Money" phenomenon picking up a head of steam? Quicker than government action, I believe.

    Lee Verday said...

    I have to admit, I've been pretty happy with BOA. I think it is important to note that the people who keep your funds for checking/savings are not the people who keep your mortgage until way, WAY up the chain of command.

    But that is NOT supposed to sound like an endorsement of BOA. Where people keep their money is NOMB.