April 23, 2010

Anyone Remember This?

From Baptist Press:
Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger enjoyed a magical season in 2004, going from third-string signal caller to NFL Rookie of the Year by leading his team to 15 straight wins and within one victory of the Super Bowl.

But what wasn't as well known is how the young player used his newfound pro football platform to share his faith in Jesus Christ.

"Sometimes you're handed an opportunity to speak that you don't even know you're going to have. Only God could have brought me from third team as a rookie to a starter and Rookie of the Year," he said.
One unique opportunity for Roethlisberger came midway through the season when he had the Steelers on a winning streak after taking over due to injuries to the quarterbacks ahead of him. Before a game, he wrote the initials on his armbands, "PFJ," for Playing For Jesus.

The NFL promptly fined the rookie an undisclosed amount for violating the league's uniform dress policy, but Roethlisberger said that wouldn't stop his witness.

"I had to be a little more careful after that, but I'm always going to express my faith. Guys express all kinds of products here in the league, so I'm going to keep expressing my faith," he said about the previously little-known incident.
And so I have to wonder what PFJ stands for now. Anyone want to weigh in? Feel free.


Lyon Advocate said...

Please forget jeorgia?

Maria said...


cathcatz said...

Pittsburgh Forgives Jerks...? apparently??

Brant said...

Poontang for jackasses?

rich10e said...

in his locker room speech he ended with "...and God Bless"...made me gag!!

Mike said...

Something I have been wondering about is does Ben have brain damage from the motorcycle accident and the several concussions he had that is imparing his values and judgement?

There are so many stories about how football players personalities have changed due to concussions. The first one to come to mind is Mike Webster.

Jonathan Potts said...

The latest media reports about the conditions of his suspension say that he will be required to undergo a series of physical and psychological evaluations, including to determine what impact those concussions have had.