What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 11, 2010

Sunday Pop - Trib Style

From today's Tribune-Review:
And from the Cold Facts File, the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center reports that sea ice over the Arctic Ocean grew until the last day of March. The annual ice melt began later than it has in 31 years, based on satellite data. And that can mean only one thing: More data for global warmers to fudge.
As we should all know by now, when it comes to climate science whatever the Tribune-Review says should be taken with a huge (do the kids these days still use the word "ginormous"?) grain of salt.

Look at what they wrote. Now look at what the National Snow and Ice Data Center actually says about the sea ice over the Arctic.

Some stuff the Trib left out.
Early in March, Arctic sea ice appeared to reach a maximum extent. However, after a short decline, the ice continued to grow. By the end of March, total extent approached 1979 to 2000 average levels for this time of year. The late-season growth was driven mainly by cold weather and winds from the north over the Bering and Barents Seas. Meanwhile, temperatures over the central Arctic Ocean remained above normal and the winter ice cover remained young and thin compared to earlier years. [emphasis added]
Arctic sea ice extent averaged for March 2010 was 15.10 million square kilometers (5.83 million square miles). This was 650,000 square kilometers (250,000 square miles) below the 1979 to 2000 average for March, but 670,000 square kilometers (260,000 square miles) above the record low for the month, which occurred in March 2006.

Ice extent was above normal in the Bering Sea and Baltic Sea, but remained below normal over much of the Atlantic sector of the Arctic, including the Baffin Bay, and the Canadian Maritime Provinces seaboard. Extent in other regions was near average.
Our friends at the Trib seemed to have missed what "ice extent" is. Here's the definition:
Sea ice extent is a measurement of the area of ocean where there is at least some sea ice. Usually, scientists define a threshold of minimum concentration to mark where the ice ends; the most common cutoff is at 15 percent. Scientists use the 15 percent cutoff because it provides the most consistent agreement between satellite and ground observations.
It's a number describing the total area where there's some sea ice. So if the whole arctic kept to the average and one area grew, then the ice extent grows - it's that above normal part that throws off the average.
So what was the average "ice extent" like? Luckily there's art:

See the blue line? That's the average. It's declining, isn't it?
Interesting that none of this information made its way onto the pages of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.
These guys are something, huh?


EdHeath said...

I see that the ice has been increasing since 2006, and is greater than in was in 1995. You just have to know how to read these charts, and then present the data (preferably without the confusing and misleading chart) in the correct fashion.

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See, its all simple, especially if you read the right newspaper. Well, read the sports section, and scan the headlines of the news section, including that hard news opinion page.

Dayvoe said...


I know you get the same memos as I do. Mr Soros told me that personally at our last meeting (the one YOU MISSED, by the way). During the discussion of how best to distribute the new "I Hate Amerikka and The Bible" condoms to 6th graders he looked up and asked "Where's Ed? I know he knows about this meeting. I sent you all the same memo."

So that's how I know you know.

But now that you let MOST of the cat out of the bag, I am wondering why you left out the most important part: Who's really running the Socialist/Kenyan take over of Amerikka.

Little matter. The plan has gone so well that there's no turning back now. The truth can be told: George Soros really doesn't exist. His real name is Gustav Unbekannt and he was a waiter in West Berlin just after the war.

He's actually a front for ACORN.

THEY are our new masters.

As Pat Robertson said, "True story."

EdHeath said...

Jeez Dayvoe, now you have me confused about which persona I am adopting here; Ed Heath, Real American, revealing the TRUTH to the Citizens (TM Cheny/Beck/Hanity?McConnell/Boehner/Steele/Palin/Bachman) or Ed Heath Real American, revealing the TRUTH to the Citizens (TM Obama/Pelosi/Reed/Maddow/Olbermann/Stewart).

Ah well, "All the World's a stage ..."

Nice touch about the condoms to sixth graders.