What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 19, 2010

We've Been Here So Many Times Before

Tribune Review - Heritage Foundation - No one mentions the money.

In today's Trib, Craig Smith has another interview with another representative of an organization who's received Scaife Foundation money.

Last time it was Michelle Bernard of the Independent Women's Forum ($2.1 million to the IWF in the last 15 years)

This time it's our old stand-by The Heritage Foundation. ($23 million to Heritage over the last few decades).

I know it's redundant. I know I shouldn't expect any sort of transparency from Richard Mellon Scaife's rag, but I wouldn't be doing my blogger job if I didn't ask the question:
Why is there no mention in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review of the huge financial support given to the Heritage Foundation by foundations controlled by Richard Mellon Scaife, owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, in this interview with a representative of the Heritage Foundation?
There's been millions of dollars worth of support from Richard Mellon Scaife flowing to The Heritage Foundation over the years. Some of it has to have gone to Carafano. Carafano is interviewed by an employee of Richard Mellon Scaife's newspaper, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review with no mention of it at all.

The circle jerk continues, my friends.

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