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May 5, 2010

Vatican investigates nuns for "feminism" (Bros before hoes)

Official Vatican View of Women

Via KUOW (h/t to Pandagon):
Three Catholic women's communities in Washington state are being investigated by the Vatican. They were chosen for review as part of an extensive investigation into American nuns. The Vatican says it's following up on complaints of feminism and activism.

The Archdiocese of Seattle says the Adrian Dominicans in Woodway, the Renton Sisters of Providence and the Tacoma Dominicans are on the list. Sister Joyce Cox is the Archbishop's Delegate for Religious. She says it's not clear what this latest development — or the entire investigation — means.

Apparently, the impetus for the deeper investigation was a review of responses to the Vatican's 20–page questionnaire sent out to all women's orders -- and only to women's orders -- meant to determine the extent of the communities' obedience to the Church.

Some of the dastardly activites the women engaged in include running a women's transition house, working to end human trafficking (hmmm, I guess I could see how this would conflict with other Church activities)...and thinking.

A local example of punishment meted out for using the brains God gave them can be found in Greensburg PA:

Bishop Lawrence Brandt of the Catholic Diocese of Greensburg has declared that religious sisters from communities whose leaders endorsed the final version of the national health care reform bill can no longer promote their recruitment events in his parishes or in the diocesan newspaper.
Note that the nuns did not endorse abortion. They only used their brains to determine -- along with most -- that the HCR bill did not promote or pay for abortions and, being on the front line of providing health care, deemed the bill a good thing. Also note that the recruitment being referred to is trying to recruit more young women to take up religious orders.

Of course any religion can make up any rules they like. They can practice any discrimination they like. But when they've been actively engaged in conspiring to cover up the criminal abuse and rape of children for decades (and when they actively insert themselves into politics) they should not expect folks to not notice the rank hypocrisy of the rapid pace of investigating the sisters' thought crimes vs. the glacial pace of doing something to end actual crimes by the fathers.

Bitchez ruin it for everyone!

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