What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 17, 2010

White House Preparing for Specter Loss

Via The Hill:
CBS's Bob Schieffer says the White House is preparing for an Arlen Specter loss in Pennsylvania tomorrow.

"I have been told on background and so forth that the White House is preparing for a Specter loss here, and the White House doesn't want to be associated with that," Schieffer told a local CBS affiliate. (Video on the top right).


Conservative Mountaineer said...

Well, it's now or November!!

Conservative Mountaineer said...

And, if it's now.. can't wait for protrayal of the Obama administration 'support' of the fired/disgraced uber-liberal Sestak.

Go, Pat Toomey!!

Anonymous said...

What's Pat Toomey's service record?

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Your point is? The simple fact is that military service, while commendable and admirable, is, shall or should no longer be a prerequisite or accomplishment to be brandied about for 'political purposes'.

Nice try.


Conservative Mountaineer said...

@gtl.. to further my comment..

Are you implying that I, a Conservative, or any other Conservative should be impugned because we did not serve?

Some of us, including me, had medical conditions that precluded service.

My Father served <30 years Active and National Guard.. my Uncle Don sevred >30 years ACTIVE as a Marine, including at least 2 tours in VietNam and many years as a DI at Camp Lejune.. my Uncle Junoir served > 30 years in the Army, including many years as a DI in Thompson GA.

Again, military service is HIGHLY commendable and admirable.. some of our best leaders served.

Oh... what about your Messiah?? The 'One'? Did He serve?? Hmmmmm...

Nice try.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Oops.. that should be.. My Father served > 30 years, not < 30 years. He went to Korea. Both my Uncles went to VietNam.. one on multiple tours. I was born in an Army hospital at Ft. Benning, GA... in the 50's, you *apparent* misinformed whippersnapper.

Maria said...

CM belongs to the 110th Swiftboat Dems Brigade

Conservative Mountaineer said...


Oooooh... oooooh... Great comeback. /not

You liberals would rather throw out insults and innuendo rather than discussing the issues.. I know, I know.. you "feeeell good" about something.

Why don't you take a stance re: whether or not one's military service is *really* pertinent? Could it be be cause Barack HUSSEIN Obama, "The One", "The Chosen One", "The Messiah", YOUR Messiah fails??? Hmmmmmm.

EdHeath said...

CM, you are apologizing for maligning Sestak's service?

You are saying that service is highly commendable and admirable, but Sestak is bandying his service for political purposes by allowing Conservatives such as yourself to say he was fired and disgraced.

So it was honorable for you not to serve because of a medical condition, not honorable for Obama not to serve (and I find your use of the term Messiah to be offensive on religious grounds, how dare you slander the Christian religion?), it was dishonorable for Sestak to serve but somehow not measure up to your standards, and honorable for Pat Toomey to help dismantle Glass Steagall in 1999, which helped create the Bush recession of October 2008?

You brought up Sestak's record. Now you are pissed at gtl for making an obvious connection?

Anonymous said...

My point, CM, is that you question Sestak's service, when Toomey hasn't served at all.

Much like GW's ANG service being commendable, while Kerry's combat experioence was the subject of ridicule.

Military service is only noble and honorable if it's a Republican.

Lyon Advocate said...

Ding, ding, ding!!!

"Military service is only noble and honorable if it's a Republican."

Because Republicans serve out of love for their country ... whereas Democrats - even those who enlist or enroll as teenagers - serve out of craven political ambition. Jeez, I thought this code was understood by everyone by now ... CM certainly got the memo from Rush, Sean, et. al.