What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 15, 2010

" And we pray that a hand may guide us through the storm towards a brighter day."

Um, President Obama. I think folks are looking for you to be that hand and we're still not seeing it after this speech.

Just saying...


Susan said...

I love you Maria, but I don't know what people want. Bankrupt BP so they can't afford to fund any more cleanup? Fix the leak themselves een though it is completely outside of their expertise? I know that Conservatives just want Obama to fail... but, what do liberals want from the President? To hug people like W? What? We know it's not perfect, he admits it's not perfect, it will never BE perfect! What do you want him to do? Specifically? We will end up with Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee or God Forbid Jim DeMint if liberals keep up the assualt on Obama. Is that really what we want? Tell me... I am asking respectfully, but flabbergasted...

You know me... I'm on your side...

Maria said...

While this ongoing disaster is of biblical proportions, pray isn't the answer.

First, does anyone honestly believe that the Gulf's going to be restored to better than before as Obama said? Hell, shoreline Arctic habitats may take up to 30 years to recover from the Exxon Valdez spill and that was only a spill not an ongoing deep sea gusher.

I want some damn action.

Heck, here's some concrete suggestions from a blogger comments section:

"The federal government takes over the clean up operations. It institutes close cooperation with local groups and government.

The federal government requires that BP turn over all of its data on the spill and it starts live casting what is going on at the well.

It freezes all of BP’s leases, permits, and enjoins BP from asset hiding.

It requires that deepwater wells have two relief wells drilled and ready to go.

It stops having government agencies running interference for BP: MMS, OSHA, EPA, Coast Guard, NOAA, FAA, Interior, Homeland Security, etc.

It reviews all deepwater permits and revokes all waivers."

BP has lied at every turn and yet we're still counting on them to fix this when they won't even allow anyone to know the actual extent of the crisis. They won't even allow their clean-up crews to wear respritory gear because it looks bad. Why are we relying on them? Why are we acting like they can be trusted?

Why aren't we having other oil companies help out? That's been done before where you have multiple tankers sucking the oil up. BP has one freaking ship doing this.


Maria said...

NOTE: I've deleted a couple of comments that were Chinese language spam.

Maria said...


I watched the speech again late last night and I think it may have been a good speech if delivered a month ago.

But, we're now going into month three.

I know that Obama can't fix the gusher. I fear that neither BP or anyone else can because -- worst case senario -- the problem is the entire well may be compromised beneath the seabed.

All we may be able to really do now is to try to capture/clean-up as much oil as possible and my problem is that I think that far too little is happening on that end. Clean-up **is** something that the government can and should take over and have BP pay for and I want specifics on this.

David Abbott said...

I certainly understand everyone's frustration. And, I believe that BP can not be trusted to tell the truth. But, our government (and most) cannot do anything quickly, except maybe start a war. By the time a plan is approved, BP will have it fixed...or so thoroughly loused-up that we're hosed forever. But there are no experts at fixing this particular kind of disaster...especially not in the government.