What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 16, 2010

BP Chairman: "We care about the small people"

It's not just the tea-baggers who are beyond parody. Witness BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg after today's meeting with President Obama:
"We care about the small people," Svanberg said. "Big oil company people think we don't care, we do care about the small people."
How big of him.


Sherry said...


god, i get so angry at the lies.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

I truly wish the CEO of BP had told Barack Hussein Obama to POUND SALT, especially with respect to the proposed $20B settlement fund... an amount that will not only grow.. an amount that will be depleted or paid to certain cronies of the Obama administration.. an amount that will be depleted or paid to dubious 'claims'.

Just today, news reports are that attornies are taking cases from people who claim the value of theor beach-front property has declined due to the spill.

Here's what I would suggest/do:

OK. Sell your property TODAY. IF the proceeds are less than you paid.. OK.. you have a loss. If not, STFU. No one guaranteed you will make money. No one.

One other thing, as it relates to any 'claims' made by those being out of work due to the regime's 6-month drilling moratorium.. your b*tch is with the community agitator, not BP.

EdHeath said...

CM, if people are being put out of work because of the drilling moratorium, that is unfortunate. But if there was no moratorium, and another gulf drilling rig had an incident next month, then Obama would be raked across the coals for not having taken action. But I guess you want it both ways.

Would you care to give us a specific incident where Obama did anything even close to "community agitation"? Even if you can, how is that related to the behaviors of the oil companies in not ensuring the safety of their rigs, and the minerals management service which for at least the last nine years allowed the oil industry to falsify safety documents? I hope you are not one of those conservatives hoping for and taking delight in a bad economy, people out of work and suffering and environmental disasters just so Obama will look bad. Is that your definition of patriotism?

Gloria said...

English is not this man's native language, he made the statement speaking off the cuff, without the aid of interpreters/assistants/lackeys.

My parents were both immigrants, although they didn't come from wealthy families, they were well educated physicians. They did their best to learn & use English during the decades they lived in the US. But, even after 50+ yrs here, they'd still confuse English words. It was a source of merriment while I was a jerk of a teenager.

Maria said...


Point taken. I didn't actually see the video until after I posted.

Still, PB's best PR tool at this point would be a roll of duct tape for the mouths of their officers.

Gloria said...

For the record I feel absolutely no sympathy for the unprepared, inept BP. Considering that the other big oil companies are no better prepared & equally inept, I have no sympathy for them either.