What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 5, 2010

Facts Don't Count At The Trib

Another moment of illogic today from The Trib editorial board:
Talk about petty. The Obama administration excluded Republican Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum from Tuesday's meeting with state attorneys general from states "immediately" affected by the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill. That, of course, includes Florida. Mr. McCollum is one of several state AGs challenging ObamaCare in court. Hmmmm, think that might just be the reason?
Let's look at the facts. From the AP:
Attorney General Eric Holder plans to visit the Gulf Coast to see areas affected by the oil spill and meet with state attorneys general and U.S. prosecutors.

The Justice Department says Holder will visit the region Tuesday. He is scheduled to receive a Coast Guard tour, then meet with the attorneys general of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi and several U.S. attorneys.
More facts from the AP:
Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is taking the lead and is joined by attorneys general from South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, Utah, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Dakota, Idaho, Washington, Colorado and Louisiana. All are Republicans except James "Buddy" Caldwell of Louisiana, who is a Democrat.
And then this from Reuters:
Five more U.S. states are joining a Florida-led group of states in a lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama's overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system, Florida's attorney general said on Wednesday.
Wait, wait. You guessed what comes next:
"We welcome the partnership of Indiana, North Dakota, Mississippi, Nevada and Arizona as we continue fighting to protect the constitutional rights of American citizens and the sovereignty of our states," Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum said.
So tell me again how because his involvement with a legal challenge to so-called "ObamaCare" McCollum was excluded from the meeting when the three AGs Holder met with are all involved in that same legal challenge.

Talk about petty. Talk about stupid.


Conservative Mountaineer said...

So... just why do you suppose McCollum was not invited?

I'll wait for your response.

EdHeath said...

According to the Miami Herald, Holder was meeting with the states most immediately affected, and McCollum has been invited to future meetings.

At first glance, McCollum seems more interested in advancing his political career than in helping the residents of his state. I wonder if he would have been purposely disruptive and non-productive in the meeting, the way some commenters are on blogs.

Anonymous said...

cmm: The short answer is that McCollum wasn't invited because FL is farther west, and the currents haven't gotten there yet.

Anonymous said...

East. East. Farther east.