What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 28, 2010

Guess I'll be gettin' me that howitzer I've always wanted.

Supreme Court gun ruling.



rich10e said...

GET A GRIP... :-)

Maria said...

To be clear, I'm not in favor of some outright ban on all private gun ownership. I do think that states and cities should be able to regulate them.

rich10e said...

I'm not a gun owner..nor do I have a desire to own one...I don't think that owing an AK47 was exactly what the founding fathers were thinking of...i do think owning a hand gun is in line with the FF's....

EdHeath said...

Hand guns are *almost* useless for hunting. They are, in my opinion, in any caliber larger than .22, designed essentially solely to kill another person. They are easily concealable and very lethal at close range. The best we can hope for is that they are used for self defense, but there is no technological means of ensuring that a handgun will never be used offensively. Of course, you could say the same for a car or a butcher knife, but killing another person is the only use for a handgun, compared to the car or carving knife.

Anyone who supports the ownership of handguns supports murder. Period.

I agree with rich10e about the AK-47, or most any commercialized military rifle designed in the last fifty or so years.

Conservative Mountaineer said...


Anyone who supports the ownership of handguns supports murder. Period.

Well, that settles it... Take all guns away from the Police. I'm sure they support having a gun. I'm sure the criminals do not support Police having guns.

And, I'm sure the burglar who breaks into your home or the thug on the street sure appreciates you don't have a gun.

EdHeath said...

Hi CM. Hey, you didn't say what Bush accomplished in Afghanistan in the seven years we were there during his administration (see previous post).

As for handguns, it would be much less important for police to have to carry them if civilian ownership of handguns was banned, and handguns were *truly* removed from society. Obviously unless all guns were banned and removed, the police would probably still need firearms to do their jobs (and the way things are now, thanks to Bush not renewing the assault weapon ban, cops need even bigger guns). But handguns, let alone all guns, are not going to be removed from the US anytime soon, likely not in my lifetime.

I guess you oppose the rules the police have to follow in terms of firing their weapons. Let 'em shoot people who they think are guilty. I'm suspect you think that would solve a lot of problems. In a final way.