What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 30, 2010

"Obama: Our first female president"

I would write a critique of Kathleen Parker's Washington Post piece, but as a woman, my communication skills would suffer from my passivity and my "rhetorical-testosterone deficit."

Sorry! (Really, really sorry.)


Maria said...

I just got to get me one of those penis thingies so I can blog more effectively.

EdHeath said...

I have tried to argue, for some time now, that I think Obama is trying to avoid coming off like an angry black man, that in fact I believe he has done since law school, and perhaps before. Consider that Henry Louis Gates was considered to be partially to blame when he, a frail older black man who uses a cane (a weapon!) was arrested on his own porch for failing to produce ID. I believe it is commonly assumed by people who live in or close to inner city poor urban neighborhood that Gates was arrested for being angry, black and therefore threatening.

Obama does seem to want to bring enemies or questionable allies on board with his programs. Obama has allowed Congress to weaken financial reform and he reached out to Republicans during the stimulus and health care/insurance reform. Obama has respected BP's property rights over the hole in the ocean floor and allowed them to set the pace of operation. Someone in the NYTimes suggested having the Navy plug the hole in the gulf with explosives, that they have the expertise in controlled detonations to do that. I say that would be great, the government could flex its muscles and take charge in this situation.

And Obama could look smug, instead of angry.

Maria said...

I certainly agree with you that if he talked/acted like Bush he would be labeled as "an angry black man."

But Parker doesn't acknowledge that, instead she vomits out sexist BS.