What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 23, 2010

Who knew?

General Stanley Allen McChrystal and
Pittsburgh Pirate Pierogi (Andrew Kurtz)

Who knew that the Pittsburgh Pirates and the White House have the same HR people?

Both McChrystal and Kurtz publicly criticized their respective bosses. Kurtz was fired then quickly rehired, McChrystal offered may offer his resignation, but as of right now still has his job.

Still, I'd recommend that you not try this move at home.

NOTE: I'm compelled to mention that while looking for links/photos for this post, I stumbled across this piece in The Atlantic which found a similar parallel. Apparently, Chris Good and I think along the same wavelength (and may God have mercy upon his soul).


Vannevar said...

Really excellent. It may become a new metaphor for point on the spectrum of bad decision making, such as "jumping the shark".

The new phrase may be, "Have they fired their pierogi yet?"

Maria said...

Looks like The pierogi has left the building.