What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 12, 2010

Frightening. Scary. Saddening.

Hey remember that American Family Association guy who claimed that Hitler was gay and that he (Hitler) recruited homosexuals to be his Stormtroopers because they (teh gays) were especially brutal and vicious?

Well, Bryan Fischer is at it again. By way of TPM and Mediamatters, we find:
Permits should not be granted to build even one more mosque in the United States of America, let alone the monstrosity planned for Ground Zero. This is for one simple reason: each Islamic mosque is dedicated to the overthrow of the American government.
Got that? Not one more mosque anywhere in the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave. Then there's:
Because of this subversive ideology, Muslims cannot claim religious freedom protections under the First Amendment. They are currently using First Amendment freedoms to make plans to destroy the First Amendment altogether. There is no such thing as freedom of religion in Islam, and it is sheer and utter folly for Americans to delude themselves into thinking otherwise.
Got that? The First Amendment's promise of free exercise of religion doesn't count for muslims.

There is one way for mosques to be built in this City on a Hill, according to Fischer:
If a mosque was willing to publicly renounce the Koran and its 109 verses that call for the death of infidels, renounce Allah and his messenger Mohammed, publicly condemn Osama bin Laden, Hamas, and Abdelbaset al Megrahi (the Lockerbie bomber), maybe then they could be allowed to build their buildings. But then they wouldn’t be Muslims at that point, now would they?
This is frightening, my friends and it can't end anyway but very very badly.

Every freedom loving civilized person has to denounce such religious hatred as shown by the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer.


EdHeath said...

I remember hearing in school that John Foster Dulles had a copy of Das Kapital or maybe one of Lenin's works on his desk when he was Secretary of State. He thought that would give him special insight into the communist mind.

Didn't particularly work then, doesn't sound like it is working for Bryan Fischer. Which 109 verses?

Ol' Froth said...

Does Fischer renounce some of the of the nastiness in the bible, like offering your daughters up for rape? Perhaps not one more church should be built until Christians renounce some of the vile passages in their own holy book.

Joshua said...

Froth, if you're referring to Lot offering his daughters, remember that he was the one who got suckered in the end, being conned into being his daughters' baby daddy.

Ol' Froth said...

I suppose that makes it all better then!