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September 8, 2010

Congressman Doyle Responds.

Now onto Congressman Doyle's response to this New Yorker piece regarding Senator Ensign and the C Street residence.

First the more general part of Doyle's email:
The New Yorker contacted me two weeks ago to check roughly 30 “facts”. I responded to The New Yorker and informed them that a number of those “facts” were incorrect. Nevertheless the story went to print containing many of the “facts” that I had told them were incorrect – and without any indication that those “facts” were in dispute.

Finally, while there were a number of reasons that I moved out of C Street last year, I never received any pressure from my constituents or reporters. [italics in original.]
And more specifically:
Contrary to what was said in the New Yorker article and your posting yesterday, I didn’t take part in either of the two “interventions” – the one described at the beginning of the New Yorker piece or the one several weeks earlier that produced the FedEx-ed letter. [underline and italics in original.]
I've already addressed the first intervention here. Doyle continues:
I didn’t know John Ensign well. We said hello in the hallway or on the stairs. The New Yorker piece was in error in stating that I had dinner with Senator Ensign. He ate in the other dining room. I had no idea any of this was going on until the night described at the beginning of the New Yorker article.

I saw the lead-up to that second “intervention,” but I wasn’t a participant in it. I did walk downstairs with Coburn and the others. I saw them knock on Ensign’s door and I saw him open it, but after they entered Ensign’s room, I left. He wasn’t part of my Tuesday night dinner group, I’d never had any discussions with him about his personal life or his affair, and I didn’t feel it was my place to tell him anything.
[I am still blogging from a secret undisclosed location, btw.]

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