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September 29, 2010

An Interesting Twist

By the pricking of my thumbs
Something tea part this way comes. [not-MacBeth]

That darling of the tea-party, Sarah Palin endorsed Christine O'Donnell, anti-gay, anti-science, anti-masturbation GOP candidate for the United States Senate from the Great State of Delaware has been lying about her education. More than twice.

Talking Points Memo has the story (both of them).

First it was Oxford University:
Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell (R-DE) proclaimed on her LinkedIn the University of Oxford under "education," but it turns out that's another exaggeration on her resume. The claim is that O'Donnell earned a certificate from an Oxford course which her campaign said is "overseen" by a summer seminar program called the Phoenix Institute.
The TPM story leads back to this at the Washington Post:
O'Donnell's LinkedIn bio page lists "University of Oxford" as one of the schools she attended, claiming she studied "Post Modernism in the New Millennium." But it turns out that was just a course conducted by an institution known as the Phoenix Institute, which merely rented space at Oxford.

What's more, the woman who oversaw Phoenix Institute's summer program at Oxford tells me O'Donnell's claim about studying at Oxford is "misleading."

By itself, O'Donnell's Oxford claim might not matter too much. But the larger context is that O'Donnell has already been nabbed fudging her education record not once, but twice. She claimed for several years to have graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson Unversity, but she actually obtained her bachelor's degree last summer. And in a lawsuit she suggested she was trying for a Master's degree courses at Princeton -- but subsequently acknowledged she hadn't taken a single Princeton graduate course.
Princeton, too?

Then there's this:
Claremont Graduate University tells TPM that Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell did not attend the Southern California school despite listing it under education on her LinkedIn profile.
But here's the twist:
Turns out O'Donnell (R-DE) did receive a fellowship from a conservative think tank named the Claremont Institute, also in Claremont, Ca. but not affiliated with Claremont Graduate University.
While feeding the ear worm "It's a small world, after all" guess who sends gobs of money to the Claremont Institute?

My best friend 4-evah Richard Mellon Scaife.

According to mediamatters, the foundations he controls (Carthage, Sarah Scaife) have given $4.8 million dollars to the Institute over the last two decades. That's more than any other foundation, by the way.

In yet another ear worm moment, O'Donnell was a 2002 Lincoln Fellow. Did you know that another paragon of honesty is among the 2009 Lincoln Fellows?

Andrew Breitbart.

In 2009, the Scaife sent $375,000 to the Claremont Institute.

y god, his crap is everywhere!


rich10e said...

kooks on both sides.....can you say Alvin Greene

rich10e said...

...and Richard Blumenthal served in Viet Nam

Joshua said...

Alvin Greene was a product of Republican ratf**king, and you know it.

rich10e said...

ah joshua another genius heard from

JenEngland said...

Alvin Green was never held up as symbol of a movement/party/zeitgeist.

Ol' Froth said...

Look over heeeeeerrrrr!!!!

EdHeath said...

Did Alvin Greene claim Oxford or Princeton?

Or dabbling in witchcraft?

Or the evolution is a myth?

rich10e said...

Ed the only myth around here is you!!

Dayvoe said...

And by that, Rich10e, you more or less admitted you lost the argument.

Perhaps we should move on...

Lyon Advocate said...

Earning degrees is hard. Cutting Federal spending is hard. Cutting taxes is (relatively) easy. Politicians (Rs and Ds) are not good at doing things that are hard. That is all.