What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 30, 2010

Non-Political Announcement

We are so lucky - from this week's City Paper:
AcoustiCafe came back in 2007, with help from new blood: local musicians Lauren DeMichiei, Paul Tabachneck and Heather Kropf; newcomer Joel Lindsey; and publicist Maree Gallagher. The new incarnation of AcoustiCafe has also begun to branch out. For the last two summers, organizers have partnered with the Three Rivers Arts Festival to host their own smaller stage; over the next few months, the organization is presenting a Beatles Tribute Night (Nov. 12 at Hard Rock Café) and a special Christmas show. [emphasis added.]
I was at last year's Beatles Tribute Night. It was amazing. Jimbo and the Soupbones were just amazing. Autumn Ayers harmonizing on Blackbird was simply breathtaking.

It's a wonder that, 40 years after the last Beatles album, the music is still powerful enough for such a show.

Honestly and all politics aside, if you're free on the 12th, you can do yourself a HUGE favor by seeing the show.

I'll definitely be there.

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