What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 28, 2010

And speaking of pushing...

If the Dems can't squeak out some victories in PA, it won't be for lack of trying by the GOTV efforts of the AFL-CIO which has been conducting an unprecedented seven-week direct mail program to union households in this state. Via Marty Marks, National AFL-CIO Field Communications:
-In PA we now have 400 full-time paid union election workers organizing and working with 5000+ union volunteers

-Along with the national mail, most of our members will receive at least one letter from their local unions pushing our endorsed candidates

-Our twenty+ phone banks throughout PA will make many thousands of live member-to-member GOTV phone calls to union households and additional robo calls from local union leaders and national union leaders will be going out through Election Day

- We will hit hundreds of work places with GOTV material this week and through election day

-Starting Thursday through the closing of polling places, we will knock on the door of every union household located in a walkable precinct turning out our voters

We believe our program will deliver results mirroring what we have seen in recent years. We anticipate union households, which comprise about 12% of PA voting age population, will turnout at a rate that is double non-union households. That means that union house holds will comprise about 28% to 32% of the electorate, more than double our share of the voting age population.
And please note that unlike, say, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, labor unions must disclose where their funding comes from.


SquareChick said...

I can attest to the mailings and the phone calls. My husband is a union teacher and I have a whole stack of mail - on some pieces we get 5 of the same piece as it is sent to each individual registered voter in the household . . . and I won't even go into all of the robo calls. It literally filled up my answering maching which has NEVER happened before.

gtl said...

My wife is working her butt off walking neighborhoods talking to USW members. God Bless her.