What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 28, 2010

I apologize for having my head under your foot

Romper Stomper Tim Profitt (former Rand Paul Campaign Bourbon County Coordinator) wants an apology from stompee Lauren Valle (par for the course).


Dayvoe said...

There are only two words she should use as a response: Hell, no!

But you're right, they live in a political universe where if you get shot in the face by a Vice-President you apologize to him for the inconvenience, where if you're sexually harassed by your boss, his wife can ask you for an apology 19 years later.

So exercising a constitutional right to political protest is enough to trigger violence and the necessary apology afterwards.

This is the face of teh Tea Party Crazie.

Ol' Froth said...

SHe should be ashamed that her head got in the way of his foot.

Ol' Froth said...

I saw an interesting analysis of the apology demand on another website (think it was Pandagon) where Proffit's attitude is similar to that of men who beat women. "Look what you made me do! Now say your sorry for forcing me to hit you!"

Maria said...


I think that there's a heavy dose of that coupled with the natural tea-bagger/Repug inclination to just keep attacking and never, ever apologize.

(Here's the post Froth references.)

Heir to the Throne said...

Stupid wingnuts teabaggers will not admit they attacked Lauren Valle for holding a sign that completely destroys their corrupt World View.
After being thrown to the ground, they all repeatably stomped on her until she was dead, Tim Profitt bit her head off and they raped her corpse.
Rand Paul now has the corpse impaled 15 foot spike next to his lawn Jockey.
It is all on unedited video and the Media just ignores it.
That is what I heard from progressive blogs

Maria said...

The truth is bad enough -- pity you don't see that.

Anonymous said...


Do you believe that forcing that woman to the ground and stepping on her head were justified?

A simple yes or no would be nice.

Heir to the Throne said...

stepping on her head were justified?
Tim Profitt was wrong to step on the Moveon moonbat.

Can you answer this question from Ann Coulter?
"It's weird the media can't produce a photo of tim profitt stepping on lauren valle's head. would be nice to see it if they had one."
Improved my progressive narrative.

Anonymous said...


What question is Ann Coulter asking? I see only statements.

Interesting, too, that, you still need to ridicule Ms. Valle as a "moonbat." Sort of diminishes your admission that the assault was not justified.

Conservative Mountaineer said...


Let me ask...

Can you or anyone else provide a video or photo of Mr. Profitt with his foot on the head of Ms. Lavalle?

I assume the owners of this blog have either one. Right?

The only one that I can find that *even* be construed as such is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbnEy_U9pYk. The foot was applied to her shoulder, *not* her head.

Oh, then there's the little fact that this approach by Ms. LaValle of Mr. Paul was not her 1st of the evening.. she forced her way towards Mr. Paul's vehicle as he arrived.. forcing something ( a sign?) *into* the open vehicle window. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiLeud-sxrM

Doesn't quite fit the liberal talking points, does it?

Ms. LaValle is a professional agitator.

Maria Lupinacci said...

Heir and CM,

I'm am sooo sorry. I didn't realize that you were both vision impaired.

Ask anyone who doesn't have blinders on to view the video and they can describe to you how he puts the ball to toe region of his foot on her shoulder and then does this again -- but the second time, he also slams his heel into her head where her ear is.

Again, my apologies to you both if your ears grow out of your shoulders -- that would make this confusing to you.

Of course you also must believe that the FOX NEWS affiliate which describes the assault as being on her head must be in on the conspiracy, as well as the hospital who kept her there for a concussion -- who knew you could get one of those on your shoulder.

Talk about turning a blind eye...

Maria Lupinacci said...

I guess the view from up Coulter's ass *is* a bit different.

Heir to the Throne said...

I am looking at the raw video. I don't see 2 stomps.
The guy step on her once and the other supporters told him to stop.
So I would say your view is obstructed.
BTW so your are saying local news station never get it wrong?

Anonymous said...


Does anyone involved deny that Ms. Valle was taken to the ground and stepped on?

I mean, if the people who were present don't question the video,....

(Did you view the infamous ACORN Pimp video with this much skepticism?)

jay said...

It happened again to another woman in Washington state.

These Teabaggers sure do get excited to see men use violence against women and will stop at nothing to defend it when it happens (see the resident crop here: Rich, CM, Heir).

Heir to the Throne said...

Jay did they rape the woman before or after they stomped her to death?
I'll condemn the one stomp on her shoulder but the left is portraying Lauren Valle as purely innocent and exaggerating the assault is complete BS and they will be called on it.

Anonymous said...


I read your post as:

"I'll "condemn" this, although it's trivial, and she deserved it."

Not much of a "condemnation," now, is it?