What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 30, 2010

More On Murphy's "Patriotism" Stunt

This time from Connecticut:
The latest low in dirty politics is painting the League of Women Voters as unpatriotic.
How pathetic is that?

Some conservative commentators, including radio and cable news pundit Glenn Beck, are trying to cast the nonpartisan LWV, a group that dedicates itself to promoting participatory democracy, as anti-American.
The editorial mentions the first incident in Illinois and then:
Last week in Pennsylvania, U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, the Republican seeking re-election in the 18th District there, asked the moderator if the pledge would be recited at the start of a debate.

"It's not a usual way" the League begins forums, the moderator explained. Not because the LWV is unpatriotic, but because it includes the pledge only when it is agreed to in advance by participants and put on an agenda. The LWV is a stickler for precisely adhering to rules and agendas.
But because it's not sufficiently "patriotic" in the way Beck wants it to be patriotic:
"I'll add (the LWV) to my list of people I don't trust anymore," Mr. Beck said.
Using the Pledge (or the Flag for that matter) as a prop to separate the good patriots from the un-Americans should not a high point, should not be a moment of honor, in one's political career.

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