What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 12, 2010

You'd Think They'd Learn

From the Op-Ed page of today's Tribune-Review:
Congress must ensure that successor organizations don't circumvent its ban on federal funding of the defunct national ACORN and its affiliates.

That defunding happened after video of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now workers helpfully advising a purported pimp and prostitute made continuance of Obama Democrats' longtime ACORN love affair politically untenable. Now, Congress must ensure that old flame isn't rekindled.
They're basing this on the O'Keefe pimp tapes??
For those of you who don't know (and there maybe one or two) O'Keefe lied his way through the tapes:

They know the pimp story's crap, right? O'Keefe's pimp costume was no where to be found when he was taping in the ACORN offices. He never presented himself as a pimp. It was plainly dishonest. They know O'Keefe's a creep, right? The Pimp hoax was posted on Breitbart's website - they know Breitbart's a liar, don't they? Then why even touch the story? The clue (inadvertant projection as it is) can be found in the op-ed's last few lines:
ACORN's Washington sweethearts must think taxpayers -- and lawmakers -- have awfully short memories. Hopefully, enough remember ACORN scandals to deny federal funding to its renamed affiliates.
They're hoping YOU have a short memory and have forgotten that O'Keefe and Breitbart have no credibility whatsoever.

But then again, this is the Tribune-Review we're talking here.


EdHeath said...

Ironically, Leonard Pitts just did a column on O'Keefe.

ACORN was a sloppy organization, but admitted many of its mistakes and tended to take criticism seriously. Think, if you will, of what's its mission was. ACORN was trying to bring power and some sliver of the American dream to poor people. It tried to register voters and advise people on buying homes or other financial issues, including bankruptcy.

Compare that with Freedomworks, for example. Freedomworks wants lower taxes, smaller government and more "economic freedom" for Americans. The thing is, this really translates into things like gutting federal regulations on banks and worker safety. The website's bio of Freedomworks CEO boasts of defeating AL Gore's "BTU" tax and "Hillarycare". Meaning that they oppose reducing pollution and allowing the poor access to affordable health care.

Of course, Freedom Works does have one thing that ACORN did not have; rich patrons that benefit when Freedomworks is successful. People who supported ACORN did so simply because they think the poor should have a chance at a better life. Flat out, Freedomworks wants to make the rich richer on the backs of the labor of the poor.

Heir to the Throne said...

He never presented himself as a pimp.
He was just doing the SOP for a Democratic candidate.
Brad Friedman Combines a Brand-New Lie with Some Old Familar Lies
O’Keefe also said he also wanted to set up a house for Giles and underage girls to turn tricks in the house and give the proceeds to O’Keefe for his Congressional campaign.
James: Yea well she is gonna have this business in the house with a bunch of girls coming and doing these things, performing tricks and she is going to give me the money so that I can pay the mortgage that is how we want to work it potentially.

Volda (loan counselor): but your name is going to be on the mortgage your name is going to be
on the deed

James: but no one has to know where the money is coming from

It is funny of Dayvoe to choose the show on April 6, 2010 where I pointed out it looks like Rachel Maddow did some dishonest "editing" at 6:56 to distort the CA AG report to make it look like Vera reported the “human smuggling” to the police immediately instead of 9 Days later.
Note the ellipse and what she left out.
Rachel Maddow is a dishonest hack

EdHeath said...

So, HTTT, you don't care that no prosecutions have been brought against ACORN for vote fraud (as opposed to prosecutions brought against individuals for voter registration fraud). You don't care that no charges were brought against ACORN for anything O'Keefe did (O'Keefe would have been charged except he leveraged his obstruction of justice in concealing the unedited tapes to obtain immunity from prosecution). You don't care that ACORN had assisted (I believe) tens of thousands of poor people, and it was destroyed based on distortions of the truth regarding O'Keefe and vote fraud.

All you care about is the minutia of what Rachel Maddow put on her program, or when an ACORN employee reported suspicious behavior to the police. O'Keefe's intention in going into the ACORN offices was to trick its employees into condoning illegal behavior. When he presented his evidence to the world, it was in edited form that suggested he was outlandishly dressed as a pimp when he went into the offices. O'Keefe has since tried to trick a Senator's employees and embarrass a CNN reporter. This is the guy to tell us what is moral or immoral behavior?

Bottom line, just like the climate-gate emails, conservatives/Republicans broke the law to obtain evidence of supposed misdeeds (actually O'Keefe was going to manufacture it by luring employees into not calling the cops on him). Conservatives/Republicans created huge clouds of smoke of innuendo and lies, but at the end of the day there was no actual fire. What a Christian way to behave.

Heir to the Throne said...

You don't care that no charges were brought against ACORN for anything O'Keefe did .
So if the Republicans take the house, I trust you have no problem with this?
Darrell Issa's Subpoena Gameplan For 2011: Investigate ACORN, Climate-Gate And The U.S. Postal Service

EdHeath said...

HTTT, read your own links. According to that article, Issa will investigate housing assistance groups that have come into assistance since ACORN's demise, not the no longer existing ACORN itself. Personally I think that at this particular moment, given the mess the mortgage industry is in and the number of foreclosures around the country, Representative Issa's promise to investigate housing assistance groups is cruel and vicious.

I can't imagine what Issa might accomplish holding hearings on Climate-gate, except to prove to the world that George Bush was not an accident, we really are that stupid.