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November 13, 2010

Beatles Tribute Show

The lovely wife and I went to the AcoustiCafe's Beatle Tribute show last night. It was to show raising money for Project Bundle-Up.

We went last year, had a great time. We went this year, had a great time.

But this time I took notes.

Some highlights:

Jimbo and the Soupbones - always a high point. These guys are amazing. Simply amazing. Given that the Tribune-Review described their "multi-genre assemblage" of "funk, soul, rock, blues", it was a pleasant surprise to hear them belt out a huge (!) "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". Brought down the house - and that was the opening act.

The Wreckids (a married couple, Bob and Sara? - he on guitar, she on viola) had some really quite lovely harmonies going on "I'll Follow The Sun" and "Blackbird."

Shay did a very nice performance of the only non-Beatle song of the evening, Lennon's "Working Class Hero." (Full disclosure: Lauren used to live next door to me a few years ago.) Her husband Joe was running one of the cameras - capturing the show in HD for OrionVega.

The Elliots gave a very polished performance of some early-ish Beatles: "You're Gonna Loose That Girl", "This Boy" and "Help!"

Morgan Erina had to have had the bravest set of the evening. What did she perform? "Yesterday." Solo guitar, quiet sad singing - who does that? It's like trying to repaint the Mona Lisa. To her credit, she was wonderful.

Buddy Hall (and 3 other guys who's names I missed - SORRY) in perhaps the most polished performance of the evening, did "I'll Be Back", "Long and Winding Road" and something I haven't heard done live in 30 years, the ending of Abbey Road - from "Carry That Weight" to "The End." Superb.

Pete Bush and the Hoi Polloi did "It Won't Be Long" and another something I've never heard done in public "A Day in The Life." These guys are good.

Whole show was good. Place was packed, standing room only, and if you weren't there you missed something special.

Bad on you.

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