November 16, 2010


I've been meaning to blog on this for some time.

An astute reader sent me a link to RootsCampPA:
Hello Pennsylvania! Are you ready to keep changing the world? It's time for a full debriefing after the election and to ORGANIZE the ORGANIZERS!

Are you ready to learn and teach? Share and Network? Upgrade your skills and effectiveness? Be Re-inspired? Oh yes, it's time!

We want to see and hear from folks from all across the state of Pennsylvania who've been working on progressive issues and with progressive, electoral campaigns! That means you, Joe Sestak and Dan Onorato Campaigns! That means you, organizers from Marcellus Shale, Healthcare Reform, Pennsylvania Fair Housing, Greening, Environmental Justice and Historic Preservation, Jordan Miles to AFL-CIO (who brought us Michael Moore and Capitalism: A Love Story to Pittsburgh) to the G-20 Activists engaging in Citizen Journalism to highlight police brutality to those working on the Jordan Miles case to highlight the same, to those working on Women's Empowerment, Moms Rising and Fatherhood Support, to organizing around Veterans and Entrepreneurship, legislation around casinos, Marriage Equality, to Educational Reform and Equal Pay!
Date and Location info:
Nov. 20-21

One Hope Square
1901 Centre Ave
Historic Hill District
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Email for more info.

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