What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 3, 2010

Sage advice that will be ignored

Via Peter Daou last night:

As Joe Sudbay noted:
The President is holding a press conference this afternoon.


As anyone who watched cable coverage last night saw, there's a lot of talk from GOPers about spending cuts, but no specifics. They can't deliver.
As I will note, the GOP is trying to play the same old Bush Con: cut taxes for the rich while pretending that has no effect on the deficit.

More importantly, on a larger scale, the GOP's position is:

When the Democrats held the White House, the Senate and the House, they were wrong to hold a "we won" attitude (no matter how much Obama bent over backwards being bipartisan) and that Republican ideas should prevail.

Now that the Republicans only hold the House, again, their cry is our Republican ideas must prevail.

See, Republicans believe that their ideas should always prevail and anything less is not "working together" (and may even call for "Second Amendment remedies").

We need a fighter in the White House.

President Obama needs to have a learning moment like the computer at the end of the movie WarGames. In that movie, the computer finally gets it that nuclear war is not a winning strategy.

Obama needs to learn the opposite lesson -- that he needs to wage war -- that the Party of No will never back down and will never give an inch and that he needs to fight them tooth and nail every step of the way.

Unfortunately, I'm not holding out much hope for that...


rich10e said...

tilting at windmills

Pgh_Knight said...

Not sure where you get the idea that "no matter how much Obama bent over backwards being bipartisan."

He only had to sell his plans to his own party to pass them. Had trouble doing that.

But, drawing lines in the sand will do no one a service.

Maria said...

"But, drawing lines in the sand will do no one a service."

Cool! So you're against Boehner.

Oh, right, sorry I forgot only Democrats have to compromise.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Per Obama:

Bipartisan (n) - Republicans agreeing with Democrats.

Not so fast, Barky. You lost. Winners do not compromise.

Ol' Froth said...

Winners do not compromise. Very astute CM. Since the the Democrats still control the presidency and the senate, I expect you to demand that the house acceed to the demands of the winners. The party that won control of the Senate and the Executive. Roll over boy! Beg! Play dead!

Piltdown Man said...

On the other hand, Froth, since the Judicial branch is bought and paid for, maybe it's a draw...

I will say that Con Mon has a point ( is that possible?) which the Dems haven't yet learned; this is a BATTLE. I recall the lines given to Sean Connery in "The Untouchables."

"If they bring a knife, you bring a gun."

Of course, Obama's wimpy news conference today gave me little hope that anything will change...


EdHeath said...

So for the next two years (starting in January) the government will pass next to no legislation, certainly nothing to help the people who are really suffering in this recession, the people without high school degrees (currently somewhere around 15% unemployment). And the Republicans/conservatives will scream that it is the Democrats fault, that Obama's socialism is to blame. And the Republicans/conservatives will scream that government is spending too much money, even as the House of Representatives will set new records for earmarks.

Kanye West was too limited in his accusation. It’s not just George Bush…

bacalove said...

Due to Lack of Big Government intervention, big business outsourced hundreds of thousands of jobs to China and India! Due to lack of regulation, Big Business sold hundreds of thousands of toxic real estate, also to China and India. There is so much confusion that no one knows who really owns these mortgages and yet they claim Big Business can do a better job of taking care of the people and they want no Government interference! Amazing, but that is precisely why we need government and government regulations!

It's amazing to me the "fickleness" of the American people to go back and elect these GOP operatives that brought this country to the brink of ruin and catastrophe. Haven't they suffered enough? The GOP Party is obviously a group for big business and corporations and Not a group for the People! They are not even for small businesses, though they pretend to be. If they were for small business, then why are there so many large Wal-marts, Lowes, Home Depots, so that the small mom and pop operations are squeezed out of business. Democrats even have to fight the GOP to get them to extend UE benefits when needed, especially when GOP know that the jobs are just not here anymore due to their policies of outsourcing good jobs to China and India and not only the Jobs but Mortgages were sold to China and India also, that is why no one knows who owns these toxic mortgages.

GOP claim they want jobs, but to create jobs, one must investment in America and her infrastructure which by the way, creates jobs, jobs, jobs! Does anyone in the GOP Party have a heart or compassion for anyone or anything other than big business?

It further amazes me that our soon to be Speaker, John Boehner, Proudly stood side by side with a Nazi sympathizer, Ohio's Congressional Candidate, Rich Lott, who wears a Nazi uniform on the week-ends, a symbolism for "white supremacy" and one of our most darkest times on this planet, was not more criticized by the media!

I feel sorry for average Americans who continue to shoulder the tax burdens because the wealthy and big Corporations pay very little or no taxes at all due to tax loopholes, which is just another way of lying and cheating and getting over on the American people. If the American people want more money in their wallets, than they should go about getting the wealthy to pay their fair share once again.

And yes, we need Government!

Conservative Mountaineer said...

@bacalove.. Seems as though you've drunk enough Union Liberal Kool-Aid. Maybe you should temper your intake just a little.. just sayin'.

Maria Lupinacci said...


I'm sure you know better than to listen to CM.

Great comment. :-)