November 29, 2010

“This is not a story.”

According to Lil Mayor Luke, the fact that his four city police bodyguards are "on pace to earn $200,000 in overtime for the past two years" is "not a story."

So, according to Ravenstahl:

Even though the mayor has threatened the city with police layoffs, the $200,000 in overtime pay "is not a story."

Despite stopping the highly successful sweeps on the South Side after only four weeks with no reason given, the $200,000 in overtime pay "is not a story."

And, while it's completely inexplicable that there could be any overtime when his bodyguards work in shifts, the $200,000 in overtime pay "is not a story."
Hat Tip to Ginny @ That's Church for picking up on the story which most missed when it was broadcast on the eve of Thanksgiving and thanks to KDKA for their original report!

1 comment:

EdHeath said...

Almost certainly there's a bigger story here. I just hope it doesn't end up like a Roethlisberger story.