What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 12, 2010

Found Object

Found via facebook:

I know The Hallelujah Chorus is nearly ubiquitous this time of year but the musicologist in me has to point out that Messiah (the Oratorio whose second section ends with the Hallelujah Chorus) was conceived by its composer, Georg Frederick Handel, as a piece to be performed during Lent and not, as it is these days in the US, during Advent.

The text, by the way, is from the 19th and 11th chapters of the book of Revelation.

Ok, I'm done showing off. Enjoy the performance above. Even for this aging agnostic, it's a joy to watch.


rich10e said...

I agree with you here!!!

rich10e said...

from Wiki..."Although the work was conceived for secular theatre and first performed during Lent, it has become common practice since Handel's death to perform Messiah during Advent, the preparatory period of the Christmas season, rather than in Lent or at Easter. Messiah is often performed in churches as well as in concert halls. Christmas concerts often feature only the first section of Messiah plus the "Hallelujah" chorus, although some ensembles feature the entire work as a Christmas concert. The work is also heard at Eastertide, and selections containing resurrection themes are often included in Easter services."