What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 24, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Metcalfe

And the angel said unto them, Fear lots: for, behold, I bring you bad tidings of great gloom, which shall be to all people of Pennsylvania.

Via Chris Potter's Slag Heap, we learn that Daryl "I Don't Speak Mexican" Metcalfe (R-Birther, Tenther, Homophobe, Anti-Muslim, Climate Change Denier, Pro Domestic Violence, Voter Intimidar, All Around Hater) will be chairing the State Government Committee.


As its name suggests, Metcalfe's committee handles legislation that pertains to state government and its powers. Constitutional amendments, campaign-finance and other election reforms ... all such mess as that.


[N]ewly-appointed State Government Committee Majority Chairman Metcalfe looks forward to the opportunity of advancing the Pennsylvania Marriage Protection Amendment; election reform legislation requiring all Presidential candidates to officially submit proof of U.S. citizenship documentation; and his Arizona-modeled legislation to provide state and local law enforcement with full authority to apprehend Pennsylvania’s estimated 140,000 illegal alien invaders for deportation

Emphasis mine -- yeah, he's going there. So Pennsylvania looks well positioned to be the source of some really embarrassing headlines in 2012.
He's wasting no time too. Sue at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents has the memo that he sent to all PA House members on the 22nd asking them to cosponsor his anti-gay "Definition of Marriage" act.




Lady Elaine said...

It's a perfect committee for him, but I am very surprised that the powers gave it to him--it will mean absolutely no pet projects will go out, and as far as the government, well say good bye to state control, and hello to all things locally!

My favorite stuff from him--allowing armed 18 year olds into schools, and how there is too much green traveling the turnpike from here to Harrisburg, so what's all this business about over development!

Maria Lupinacci said...

Check out the #1 image when you google image his name. Heh.

Elliot Kennel said...

What a guy...makes yuh proud tuh be an Amurican!