What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 3, 2010

A Message

A message to a Congress who could somehow even consider extending tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires while they've already let emergency unemployment benefits insurance compensation lapse for millions during a time of record unemployment (not to mention during the holiday season):


That is all.


Piltdown Man said...

Is there some legal or legislative reason why the cutoff amount (currently $250K) couldn't easily be raised to say, $500,000 a year? NO ONE could rationally argue that those folks (even if they live in SF or Fairfield County, CT) aren't RICH.

Making such an adjustment would seem to obviate any argument about "tax cuts for the rich," hitting upper middle class folks, yet I have never seen this proposed. Why? Is it a matter of reopening a bill (and all the associated issues) or is it simply Congressional idiocy?

Maria said...

Heck, they've been talking about making the cut off a million -- doesn't matter -- the Rs want the whole enchilada.

rich10e said...

how about a property tax for just the wealthy making over 250,000. Would that be fair??

Piltdown Man said...

Maria -

You're right, but they have welded themselves to that number, claiming (not entirely inaccurately) that families in high-income areas who make that much aren't as "rich" as someone making that money in say, Rapid City, SD.

So I say, once they've made that claim, the Democrats should graciously move the goalposts and agree to make the cutoff somewhat higher.

"We agree with our GOP counterparts that setting this number at $250K would unduly hurt some families and small businesses -- so let's move the number up to 500K. We don't see how anyone could argue that those folks aren't rich -- and should do their fair share to help support the less fortunate amongst us."

And is there a better time to do this? During the holidays? When everyone is all warm and fuzzy and talking about doing good deeds?