What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 22, 2010

They Try...

And still don't get it.

From today's Tribune-Review Op-ed page:
A decade ago, writing in The Independent newspaper, opiner Charles Onians lamented that global warming meant "snow is starting to disappear from our lives." Winter has just arrived but the Brits are suffering through one of the snowiest winters on record. You know what's coming next: "Honey, throw another log on the fire -- it's getting cold outside."
The point being, of course, that since there's a lot of snow outside now in Britain, Onians must've been wrong when he said that it's disappearing. Silly ninny! Doesn't he know that global warming's a hoax?

Um, except...

According to NOAA:
Northern Hemisphere average annual snow cover has declined in recent decades. This pattern is consistent with warmer global temperatures. Some of the largest declines have been observed in the spring and summer months.
There's even a graph:

See the general downward trend?

That means that the northern hemisphere (and that's where England is, by the way) has seen less snow over the past few decades. More or less what Onians was getting at, what what?

Silly ninnies.


CSI w/o Dead Bodies said...

Here's a sports example that former ESPN analyst, Rush Limbaugh should be able to get. He claims to be an expert on pro football.


Ol' Froth said...

Deniers will always confuse the local weather with global phenomenae. Ironically, the global warming model predicts more frequent and severe storms, as warmer air can hold more moisture, and warming temperatures means more surface evaporation. If that storm system happens in winter, the result is a blizzard.